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Celebrating over 20 years on

E. Wilson St.!


 Telly and Nico are serving Greek-style lunches and dinners, plus the traditional "Cleveland's Diner" breakfasts you've grown to love.





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Special Hours Dec. & Jan.


We will be modifying DINNERTIME hours Dec & Jan. (this will not affect breakfast/lunch hours).  



Open 5-9 on Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri. (closed for dinner on Sat, Sun Mon) 


We had some staffing changes and are temporarily modifying the hours.  You may also visit sister restaurant in Sun Prairie, Atlantis Taverna.



Breakfast/lunch hours remain the same.


Tuesday Wine Night

Bloody Mary 

Enjoy a Bloody Mary with your breakfast on the weekend, or on any day!  We have a full bar.








Specialty Cocktails 

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 Spinach Pie


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About Us:

In Greece, a "taverna" is a lively place where friends gather to enjoy drinks, home-style foods, and each other's company.  Plaka Taverna is such a place, owned and operated by Telly Fatsis, a native Madisonian, who incorporates many of his Greek mother's recipes into the menu. 

Transformed from the old Cleveland's Diner on E. Wilson Street (where you still find Telly & brother Nico serving those delicious breakfasts), Plaka Taverna has added Greek lunches and dinners to the menu as well.  Enjoy juicy gyros, homemade spinach pie, mouthwatering grilled kebobs, moussaka, hummus, falafel and any of our special combination platters.

Plaka features a full bar, with six beers on draft and a nice selection of bottled beers.   Want the true "taverna" experience?  Try one of Plaka's Greek lagers or a glass of Retsina, the unique Greek wine.  If you dare, take in a shot of licorice-flavored OUZO.  Or for fun...try one of our creative specialty cocktails, all while listening to live streaming Greek music!

Once you try us, you'll be hooked! 

Offering dine-in, or "to-go."  Call (608) 251-4455 to place your order ahead of time.


If you are ever on a trip to Greece, look at this helpful website before you leave.  It's full of advice and recommendations from experienced Greek travelers.





Painted Sign

What does "PLAKA" mean?

Plaka is the name of the old neighborhood in Athens that sits directly below the Acropolis.  With winding streets and old buildings, you'll be entertained by the unique cafes, the variety of stores, the museums, and the eclectic atmosphere.

If you're interested in learning more about the Plaka area of Athens, click on the link below:






 Our walls are decorated with carefully curated authentic Greek posters, most which were imported here by our Greek-American friend, Zoe.